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Cleaning is a good helper convenient ten million

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Vacuum cleaner for a long time

In 1901, the Imperial Hall of Civil Engineers Booth in Leicester Square in London to visit the United States A compartment on dust demonstrations. This machine with compressed air to dust blown into the vessel, Booth believes this method is not wise, because many could not blown dust container. Later, he was the opposite, made a very simple vacuum test method: a hand Pameng on the arm of the chair, with a handkerchief in front of the suction mouth discharge, resulting in a handkerchief attached a layer of dust. So he made a vacuum cleaner, with a strong air pump suction hose through the dust filter bag. August 1901 Booth patented, vacuum cleaner and set up a company, but does not sell vacuum cleaners. He gasoline engine driven pump mounted on the carriage, door to door service, the long hose from the window into his room cleaning, company employees are wearing suits. Booth 1902 service companies summoned to Xi Minsi Cathedral of the coronation of Edward VII, used to clean the carpet. After that business increasingly prosperous. 1906 Booth family made a small vacuum cleaner, "small", but weighs 88 lbs (1 lb = 0.4536 kg), too bulky and not universal though named. 1907 Ohio inventor Brisbane Gera made lightweight vacuum cleaner, he was made an administrator in a shop, in order to reduce the burden of cleaning the carpet, made of a vacuum cleaner with a dust suction fan will create a vacuum machine, then blown into the pocket. Because of his own inability to production and sales, in 1908 the transfer of the patent to fur manufacturer Hoover. Hoover then began making a pulley "O" type vacuum cleaner market is quite good, the first household cleaners reasonable design, development has no big change on principle.

Vacuum cleaner at an alarming rate

With the continuous progress of science and technology, and increasing people's living standards, vacuum cleaner products have gradually updating and upgrading, new products are ideal modern household cleaners are cleaning tools, with its clean, saving time and effort by the people of superiority all ages. Especially with the increasing number of households use carpets, vacuum cleaners has entered every household. Vacuum cleaner can not only draw garbage on the ground, but also to clean dust carpets, sofa, ottoman, table tops, cabinets, shelves, drawers, wall, ceiling, lamps, curtains, clothing, bedding and interior decorations. Use a vacuum cleaner, to avoid brooms, dusters, cleaning brushes and secondary pollution of the surrounding environment, so that fresh air, and comfortable environment. Since the last time you used the vacuum cleaner only a few minutes, tens of minutes, so much power, average household monthly consumption cost only a few dollars.
In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic vacuum cleaner market, the annual growth rate has remained at more than 15%, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2002, the real estate market in China has just started hot when the vacuum cleaner on the total rose by 41.18 %; in 2003, "SARS" outbreak in China, and has been associated with the health of residents living in cleaner output rose by 35.08 percent; in 2004, the same growth rate of more than 20% in 2005 to stimulate demand in the real estate market, an increase of a new high, up 76.71 percent; from January to December 2006, the national cleaner cumulative production of 52,285,500 units, compared with the same period in 2005 decreased by 2.62%. 2006 January-December, Guangdong Province, cleaner production was 19,111,400 units, up 6.69 percent over the same period in 2005; in 2006 from January to December, Jiangsu Province, cleaner production was 16,969,800 units, down 11.26 percent over same period in 2005. In 2007 the total output of 67.14 million vacuum cleaner units, up 27.45 percent. Wherein the cleaner production in Jiangsu Province, the highest in 2007, from January to August, Jiangsu Province, cleaner production was 15,318,600 units, an increase of 24.98% over same period in 2006; followed by Guangdong Province, cleaner production was 14.252 million units, an increase over same period in 2006 up 15.09 percent. 2007--2011 China's small household appliance market will continue robust growth, the growth rate remains at around 7% in 2011, the market size is expected to reach 18.1 billion yuan. In the vacuum cleaner market, the Chinese concept of consumer spending also need to make great efforts to cultivate, at least for now, the market is relatively difficult. The United States, the dragon, Electrolux and other domestic and foreign manufacturers also said to solve the Chinese consumer awareness cleaner deficiency is the most important issue of market development. However, with the continuous improvement of living standards, changes in the home environment improvement requirements, and consumer attitudes, the demand for cleaner bound to have a new breakthrough.

A wide range of vacuum cleaners

Many types of vacuum cleaner, according to the shape can be divided into vertical (including drum), horizontal, portable, micro four kinds. Upright vacuum cleaner with barrel-shaped or square mostly divided into two parts, top with the motor, the power section, the lower part of the dust box. Horizontal vacuum cleaner or more rectangular-shaped car, before and after the two parts, the front portion of the dust box, rear part of the motor. Portable vacuum cleaner can be divided into four kinds of forms, a smaller shoulder volume, when used back in the shoulder, small power output; rod shaped like a rod, the upper end of the handle, the lower end of the nozzle, small power output; smaller and more portable small, can use directly in hand, small power output; miniature multi-use battery-powered, smaller, used for cleaning clothing, equipment, etc., micro-power.
By using the function can be divided into dry, wet and dry type, waxing and carpet type and other four; divided by the input power can be 100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000 , 1500,2000W other. Where more than 800W of power, suitable for hotels, restaurants, enterprises and institutions, the following 800W, 200W or more power for the small, less than 200W for the micro power, are generally used in the home, small power vacuum cleaner.

Domestic medium and small power vacuum cleaner is mostly vertical or horizontal, bottom with wheels, can move freely, with a handle, vacuum pipe, nozzle and other accessories.