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Industrial portable rechargeable vacuum cleaner

Time : 2016-07-15 Hits : 16

When it comes to charging industrial vacuum cleaner outsiders may feel unfamiliar. In fact, the charge industrial vacuum cleaner is actually not connected to the AC, on its own battery to work. Rechargeable vacuum cleaner into the suction fan, battery pack, dust storage chamber, hose, tube and suction port of different shapes, it has a high vacuum suction fan electric power after the electric suction fan at high speeds, so that inside the machine are formed instant vacuum, the internal pressure considerably lower than the outside air pressure, the pressure difference in this role, as the dirt and dust into the air cleaner dust storage chamber, and then through the filters of the filter assembly, the centrifugal force dust leaving the dust into the trash can, the purified air is discharged through the outlet the machine body, so the cycle of work. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner works with an ordinary vacuum cleaner is altered a bit different from the structure. When dust, air, water is drawn into the machine, the weight of large water after being rotated at high speed centrifugation after Shuaixiang interior wall flows into the following set of buckets. While the lighter dust and air through the chamber after centrifugation into filter dust (vacuum cleaner to clean the principle is the use of the suction effect).

Charging industrial vacuum cleaner range is very wide, such as squares, elevators, trains and aircraft stations and fine, also can be equipped with three electric sanitation vehicles in use, hand held vacuum cleaner pipe can breathe garbage car dustbin, which can greatly reduce the amount of labor and workers exposed to waste. Some large conference room and workshop, especially in the absence of power, and power is not convenient to use the environment to better highlight its advantages.