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Industrial vacuum cleaners use and works

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Industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, also known as vacuum cleaners; vacuum cleaner to clean the principle is the use of suction effect, to remove surface dirt and dust sucked dry dirt, such as lines from floors, carpets, walls, furniture and other easily with a broom, paper hair and so on. Its main component is a vacuum pump, filter bag (or filter), hose, extension tubes of various shapes and different nozzles. Modern vacuum cleaner attachment on diverse, for the removal of dirt carpet design a rough brush, small brush, rotating brush, clean up the corner using a flat nozzle, to clean up the analysis plate polished brush.

According to the functions can be divided into ordinary dry cleaners, as well as wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Ordinary dry cleaners have a motor-driven blower, high-speed operation after power, instant vacuum is formed inside the vacuum cleaner, the internal pressure is much lower than the outside air pressure, the pressure difference in the role of dust and dirt into the air with a vacuum cleaner inside the drum, through the dust bag filters, dust left in the dust bag, the purified air through the motor to escape into the room, for cooling the motor, clean the air.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner works with an ordinary vacuum cleaner is much different from a centrifugal chamber. When dust, air, water is sucked into centrifugal chamber, the weight of large water after being rotated at high speed centrifugation after Shuaixiang interior wall flows into the following set of buckets. While the lighter dust and air through the chamber after centrifugation, into the filter bag filter dust.

Use can be divided, industrial vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners, household cleaners.

Industrial vacuum cleaner to collect lessons for the production of industrial uses, operations, media waste particles generated during transportation, smoke dust, water and other equipment. Industrial vacuum cleaners AC power supply, high power, it can generally be divided into two kinds of fixed and mobile, and its working principle is the use of motor driven high pressure extension (or use one machine) creates a negative pressure in a limited volume, thereby creating suction, media after the material is sucked through the filter bag filter or filter bucket for secondary filtration, ordinary type can only absorb medium dry moisture content generation, wet and dry type of resorbable generated during processing of oil, water and the like. After the installation of the exhaust pipe can be used to suck the process of manufacturing operations fumes, gases. Cleaner industrial application of the most notable is in the clean room applications.

Commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner mostly for the turbine, can absorb water, can work long hours, convenient and practical, more voltage is 220V, used for offices, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Household cleaners are commonly used to remove dust, not knowing that the vacuum cleaner can also play a number of alternative functions.

1, when using collection items. Due to the large collection of bedding and other items take up storage space, easy to improper storage bore when the season changes. If you put them in sealed plastic bags customized, then vacuum sealed truss will be deprived of the air bag can not only save a large storage space, but also easy to damp mildew.

2, to find small items. Home life will inevitably be small items such as buttons accidentally fall, pills, caps, needles, etc., by means of suction instruments used can be effortlessly found. Before use, the first vacuum cleaner suction pipe with a layer of gauze cloth tied, and then select the appropriate items according to the size of the wind, and then the power is turned around in the mouth with a straw Litter at sliding back and forth, drop items will soon be adsorbed to the gauze.

3, cleaning appliances dust. Vacuum cleaner can also use such as televisions, DVD players, computers, stereos, air conditioners and other appliances for routine maintenance, remove dust electrical and beyond. When dust, should first unplug electrical appliances, according to the instructions to remove the electrical enclosure opens, choose the appropriate shape straw inserted into the internal electrical ash method to clear, and then use the hair dryer get rid of moisture, then the final shell installed restitution can be.