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Sucker classification

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Suction cups can have a variety:

A use of the atmospheric pressure difference between the inside and outside of the adsorption one kind of hanging on the object, or a tool to fetch objects.

Another magnetic chuck is dedicated to the adsorption of ferromagnetic material and fixed, most applications in the field of mechanical processing.

The use of suction machine tool accessories clamp the workpiece. The most commonly used magnetic sucker sucker is generally rectangular or disc-shaped. It uses magnetic force to suck tight ferromagnetic workpiece for surface grinder, but also for milling machines and lathes, CNC machine tools, machining centers and the like. Magnetic chuck according to source of electromagnetic and permanent magnet sucker sucker categories. ① magnechuck: body with multiple sets of coils through a direct current produces a magnetic field, drawn into the workpiece; cut off the power, the magnetic field disappears, release the workpiece. ② permanent magnet sucker: body with neatly arranged and non-magnetic material separated by a permanent magnet, the magnet when the guide magnet sucker panel aligned with the magnetic field lines form a closed loop through the workpiece, drawn into the workpiece; when turning the handle magnet and stagger guide magnet, the magnetic field lines are no longer remove the workpiece through the workpiece, you can.

Former permanent magnet electromagnetic sucker sucker suction than the small. But now to improve the performance of magnetic material to improve the design and production process, permanent magnet sucker suction can be made larger than the electromagnetic sucker magnet sucker energized and not because of fever and deformed, It does not affect machining accuracy. But also because there is a very slight deformation of the magnetostrictive and another by vacuum suction vacuum suction cups and the use of positive and negative electrostatic charge attraction between the workpiece and the table of the electrostatic chuck. These suckers are small suction is only applicable to non-magnetic suction tight thin-walled workpieces and other workpieces.

Chuck (chuck) is a vacuum chuck to maintain two separate objects not attached to the technology through the vacuum. There are industrial and civil applications of the points in the industry by changing the degree of vacuum suction cups to achieve handling, the migration process "take" and "open", with automated mechanization.

The main aspects of civilian life hanging object at any time to meet the people's needs. Because it has to "take" may "release" properties, it was used for hanging towels clothing. And some sucker will hang in the bag and other objects, so when you can not find a place to put the bag on the bag can be hung on a wall friends. Also known as permanent magnet sucker permanent lifting or magnetic chuck, a mechanical factory, mold factory, forging factory, steel mills, shipyards and so the use of essential properties of steel handling tools, can greatly improve the massive, cylindrical, sheet, irregular conductive magnetic ferrous materials handling efficiency. Permanent magnet sucker is a high-performance NdFeB rare earth materials (N> 40) for the kernel, the handle is rotated by hand pulling the sucker, sucker to change internal NdFeB magnetic system to achieve workpiece handling required retention or freed.