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Workshop What is the role of high-power industrial vacuum cleaners

Time : 2016-03-11 Hits : 10

Many people will say the same household high-power vacuum may be used on the factory floor, then our power industrial vacuum cleaner plant in the end what effect?
First, we must be clear industrial vacuum cleaner works.

Industrial vacuum cleaner is the principle way to solve cleaning problems in industrial production in the field of design and manufacture. (Vacuum principle, is the use of vacuum to achieve vacuum, gas driven object moving purposes.) At present we mainly use the vacuum principle encounter products:

(1) vacuum cleaners (including industrial, commercial, household three categories); the use of a vacuum so that the garbage trash and dirt is moved to the place we need to collect, such as trash.

(2) logistics or material handling; for example: on the feeder, the raw material using vacuum up or move to a specified location.

Second, what is an industrial vacuum cleaner?

Industrial vacuum cleaners difference between commercial and household cleaners from the following aspects represent different industrial vacuum cleaners, and commercial and residential cleaners:

(1) :( structurally different design approach)

Vacuum cleaner comprising: a power section, filter section, part of the storage barrels and brackets and accessories section.

a part of the power: most dynamic part of industrial vacuum cleaners were for industrial power source of 380 volts to ensure a strong driving force of industrial vacuum cleaners configured 380 volt industrial motors substantially simultaneously and can work 24 hours durable.

b filter part: design selection to configure a variety of different materials filter, and various filter structures and methods, such as a HEPA filter (as low as 0.01 to 0.3 micron standard, etc.) or add cyclones (for solid liquid separation) improve the filtering effect of the filtering effect is quite different commercial and household cleaners we tested showed a typical commercial or household cleaners suck at high concentrations of dust fifty percent of the dust in the air back certain extent, increased dust content in the air and affect indoor air quality.

c storage barrels sections: Industrial vacuum cleaners storage barrels, generally over commercial and household cleaners, and taking into account the large storage capacity of dirt to clean up garbage industrial vacuum cleaner design movement and dumping buckets are very convenient depending on the circumstances or different with different garbage. box or recycling bins to recycle solve problems of industrial cleaning sector. the most common is the pre-intervention, can increase the capacity of the separation of different materials recovered product can be a partial solution to some of the different designs of industrial vacuum cleaners Incomplete.

For example: Ai Xerox power industrial vacuum cleaner can absorb large amounts of solid was recovered floating in the air of dust, particles and wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum suction can simultaneously meet the different needs of different customers.

d brackets and accessories section: industrial cleaning machines and accessories design direction for the rugged all brackets and fittings are made of steel structure, very difficult to damage Ai Xerox solid industrial vacuum cleaners may have various combinations of various forms of accessories different configurations. for different places, with different areas of technical requirements, but also because of the external manifestations of industrial diversification inherent needs.

(2) the principles of clear structure material aspects:

Drag chassis power industrial vacuum cleaner and the dust shell made of stainless steel, can effectively protect the motor part of the chassis is not damaged.

For household cleaners, the industrial vacuum cleaner is a completely dust removal equipment for industry, power, strong suction, more durable, factory dust is essential a machine.